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WOW. What a before and after this project was! I LOVED every step of this transformation. The powder room. I actually LOVE doing powder rooms, because the space is small. It challenges me to think outside the box with paint colors and where to put decor so that it salts the room perfectly.

The window in this case is a HUGE bonus. It brings so much light into the room, which allows the choice of paint colors to broaden. White trim is also a great pairing for a darker paint color. It really makes the space seem bigger by drawing your eyes up the walls to the lighter color, making the walls seem taller than they really are.

Speaking of space. Check out this wall. I know it may not look like a lot, but let’s get creative, yet keep it simple and clean. Find THE piece and or pieces. Don’t get impatient or settle on any painting, shelving, or decor. Have it LIVE in the space not just occupy it. Also, think ahead. What are your core colors? In our case for this room it was navy and gold.¬† I know I have two strong and bold ones, so I want to soften them with the decor and finishing pieces. I’m going for classic, elegant, yet comfortable and cozy. So here is what we got…

Hell yes. Navy+Gold first of all. They nailed the elegant and classic look we were going for if you ask me. And with that white trim. Mission accomplished. Also, added a gorgeous chandelier and vintage mirror to top it off.


Now, let’s get comfortable and cozy pieces to balance it out. First off, the prints are soft and airy. The watercolors on the painting tie the navy in, but bring a calmer more soft feel to the boldness of the wall color.

I’m also a huge fan of faux flowers. Good ones of course. My thumbs are definitely not green. Here I chose a soft lavender flower accent and twig branches. I like the tall and skinny vase in this instance to create height to fill the space between the floor, bottom of the window and the artwork. Finally, I always like to tie in a little bit of green. It brings the outside in, even if it is fake, and creates a coziness to the room.

Until next time.