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I love decorating for Spring. It means the weather is changing and browns start turning into greens. Taking down all the winter decor and switching it over to Spring decor seriously brings me so much joy. I think the most important part of decorating for Spring, has to be bringing the greens from outside in. As I’ve shared in other posts on decorating, having plants, whether faux or not, in your home creates such a cozy, warm, joyful atmosphere. I have faux plants, because I cannot keep real ones alive, EVERYWHERE! Like every room and multiple different types of plants in EVERY room. They just breathe life into a space.

So here are my go to and must haves for my faux plants:



I love these little mini succulents. I bought these on Amazon for the first time this Spring and LOVE them. So, here’s what I did with them.

I have these larger lanterns on my entryway table and these smaller white ones are on my fireplace mantels. For winter, I fill them with birch candles, pine cones, smaller evergreens etc. This year I decided to green things up in them and make them come to life a bit more.

I kept the birch candles and wood accents in some of the lanterns and placed bottles in the rest. Side note….I LOVE having empty bottles everywhere too. They add such a great dimension to a space, especially if they have meaning. Then I placed the mini succulents in front of, around and even on top of the birch pieces and bottles. WOW! It turned out even better than I expected it to. Take a peak….

Not bad right?! Looks so bright and alive! Here’s the link to these little guys….


Hanging Eucalyptus Bush

I have these guys EVERYWHERE! I love the look of them. They are somewhat dramatic but also so simple at the same time!

I typically place them in a vase, bottle or even lay them on a shelf or counter. You could have them either pool on a counter or shelf or have a more hanging look like this…

So picture taking the green out of this picture. It would be so cold and colorless. I am a neutral kind of girl, but love a pop of color here and there. Here is the link to these amazing Hanging Eucalyptus Bushes…


Hanging Glass Vase with Faux Flower Stems

I know this post is about the greens, BUT how we present them is important too, right?! So this is a must have. It brings a wall to life! And the best part is that they come in a set of two.

Here’s a couple pics of how I used them…

Above, similar to the Eucaplytus Hanging Bush, I put a Nephrolepis Bush that hangs out of the vases, as well as a vase on the top shelf. Crazy how amazing it makes this wall look! I placed the two vases near each other here, one higher than the other, to create some height on the wall.

Here, I wanted to bring the space together. By hanging them on either side of the window, you connect the room, so a flow is created. I didn’t want hanging plants, like the Eucalyptus or Nephrolepis, because the windows create the height in this case. I wanted to draw the eyes up, so I chose a simple faux flowering plant. Here is one very similar linked here.


Eucalyptus Garland 

Garland is the best. It adds so much character and texture to the space. I use it on my fireplace mantles to really bring it to life. I lay the garland first, then place decor on top or around it.

I also use it for table decor. Again, it brings so much life to the space. Below, I used it to dress up a charcuterie table for a wine party we hosted. It instantly took the look to a whole new level!


Mini Thistle Stems

These little guys are perfect to add just a little something around the house. I place them in little jars or bottles as a small accent piece. They are simple and cute, but do a big job.

I ended up using at least two if not three stems in these little jars to add some extra volume.


Eucalyptus Leaves

There are few different ways of doing a Eucalyptus arrangement. Below are Eucalyptus Sprays. Depending upon the space, I do three or four of them together. This also depends on where and what you are putting them in. In this space, it’s open and large so I wanted them to look larger and taller to fill the space. I also chose a vase with a smaller opening so the stems would stand more upright.

In this instance below, the space was a little tighter between the shelves and the window so I wanted to keep it open and airy. This is only one spray. It’s just enough to add texture and height.

If you have a smaller space and a smaller jar, then I typically go with a Eucalyptus Bush. Like pictured here on my mantles. I put both a Eucalyptus Bush and a Eucalyptus Flowering Stem together to add a little color and fullness.

There are just so many ways to use greens and these are just a few of my go to’s. They are budget friendly and take the look of a room to a whole new level. Here are a couple more faux greens linked below that are on my go to list as well…

Narrow Eucalyptus Bush

Spanish Hanging Moss

Maiden Hair Fern Bush

Cotton Stems

Until Next Time…