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Here it is guys. My MUST HAVE hair products! These are the products that I must have to complete my hair on a daily basis. Whether it’s thrown up, straightened, or curled, I use them.

Let’s start in order of how and when I would use them. If you’re looking for a visual of a How To of most of these products, check out a couple of my YouTube Videos I’ve posted below:

Joico K-Pack Color Therapy Luster Lock

  • First, you need a heat protectant. I use this to spray on the hair prior to blowdrying.
  • Spray on damp hair and mix in with a brush or fingers hitting each strand.

    • Check out my YouTube video How to Blow Dry below or my IGTV to get a full How To on applying the Joico Spray.

Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray

  • I LOVE this product for adding some grit to the hair! It’s a great substitute for dry shampoo as well. As you may know by now, I’m a dirty hair girl. If I’m on a clean hair day, this product is a must. It adds texture to the hair so it’s easier to style. Believe me, you will love how dirty hair actually listens to you.
  • Shake. Spray aiming at the roots and then also towards the ends of the hair. If you want some extra volume, add a little heat to it!

Amika Dry Shampoo

  • Closest thing to washing your hair without actually washing your hair. It absorbs the oils and buildup from your scalp. Not to mention it adds some serious volume!
  • Shake well and hold about 6-8 inches away from the scalp and spray. Really mix the product into the scalp with your fingers, like you would if you were shampooing.


  • Ok. Let’s say you can only have ONE hair product. Mine would be Tancho. It’s a must have. It tames flyaways, smooths and settles the hair, giving it shine and adds volume when added to the roots.
  • Rub fingers over the top of the Tancho Stick. Never taking chunks, just using a very small amount. Apply starting at the ends of the hair, piecing the hair out. End with whatever product you have left over, by rubbing on roots for volume.

Kenra Fast Dry Hairspray

  • This product is perfect for using while you are styling your hair, as well as a finishing hairspray for a light hold.
  • Shake it well. Apply to dry hair while using your irons and or use to finish for a softer lighter hold.

And there you have it! Happy styling!

Until next time!