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I get so hungry just thinking about this soup. I was introduced to this amazing combo by my dear friend, Eva, when I was over in Germany visiting her and her family. I took one bite and seriously melted. I, of course, tried recreating the soup over and over again. FAIL. It’s kind of like when your mom or grandma would make you a sandwich and you just couldn’t quite make it taste the same even though it had just turkey and cheese. Like WTF?!

I finally found a recipe in the New England Soup Factory Cookbook,  that got the approval not only by me, but by the hardest critics to please…my three VERY picky daughters. It’s got the perfect amount of spicy, pepper, lemon, slightly sweet taste that keeps your tummy growling for more.

The best part of this soup? It’s seriously fool proof. It’s so easy that even I can do it. It’s a chop and throw it in kind of deal. I chop all the ingredients up, toss it in the pot softening the vegetables for around 10 minutes. You add the chicken or vegetable broth after 10 minutes and simmer for around 30-35 min. After simmering, remove it from the heat and add the seasonings and honey. Then puree. I recommend an immersion blender, if you have it, otherwise I simply transferred the soup into my Vitamix Blender then poured it back into the pot after the soup was completely smooth. Word of advice, DO NOT wear white. Learned the hard way, you should see my carrot and coriander splattered white sweater. After the soup is back in the pot, add the cream, pepper, and of course salt to taste. If you have the patience, store overnight in the fridge to let the ingredients really soak in. It tastes even better the next day. Happy soup making!

Until next time!